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I pursued a journalism degree more than two decades ago with the hope of writing for Motocross Action – they never called me back so I think it’s time to move on! My racing began in 1987 and has spanned the USA, giving me a pretty unique perspective of motocross past, present, and future. Here you will find things that resonate with me, definitely some Pacific Northwest flavor, and experiences that are common to all racers. Come often to see what new videos, articles, and interviews I have in store. THANKS FOR YOUR VISIT and ENJOY…

Two-Stroke Glory: Reflecting On The Golden Age Of The 125

by Mark Swart   Why do racers who came up in the 80s and 90s get so misty-eyed every time we think about 125s? The answer is simple for this age group; we grew up in a sweet spot of history and technology that could easily be called the...

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‘Stubborn’ Racer Chooses Pain Over Pills

It’s easy to be a role model in motocross when everything is going right, throwing that whip over the finish at the end of a 1-1 race day. However, as Ricky Carmichael used to say, championships are won on a racer’s bad days. RC may not compare to Plato...

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