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    Washougal WA
    wHAT's OLd is nEW
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    Thursday Night Motocross @ PIR
    Ronnie Mac joins a cast of thousands!
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    Stubborn MXer Chooses Pain Over Pills
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What’s Old Is New

What’s new pussycat? You might have to be over fifty to get that reference to a movie theme song from 1965. However, I heard it on a commercial for kitty litter the other day. Funny how old things become new as a whole new generation moans “whoa oh whoa...

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NW Challenge 2019

All photos in this video, and hundreds more are at

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My earliest childhood memories are from the early ’60s. My exposure to sports at the time was very minimal. I do remember flat track and speedway races. My heroes were men like Robert Vaughn, Chuck Connors, and Robert Conrad. But these were fictional heroes, as my hero worship didn’t...

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TNMX at PIR – 53rd Anniversary

WHY THEY DO IT I’m not a very good golfer. Maybe I could be if I really tried hard. But then again, probably not. I can generally hit it straight and am pretty good around the green. I do find that the more I DON’T play, the better I...

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If you grew up racing motocross in Lo Cal or No Cal in the 70’s, or were partial to the Spanish MX brands with their right side-shifting and left-side kick starters, you were probably a fan of the skinny kid with style for miles. I took this photo at...

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For Old Geezers Like Me

As we get older our mind starts to change. It becomes less sharp. It gets a little harder to focus. Just like your body, it becomes tired easily. And we all know that memory loss is one of the primary ravages of time. However, I am discovering another way...

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The Inaugural CLASS X MX Race

All you motocross racers out there, I have a question for you. If you were going to start your own motocross race series what would you do and how would you do it? Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time racing has probably thought about it at...

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Hangover Scramble 2019

The Jones Creek Trails Riders Association conducted another successful Hangover Scramble at Washougal MX Park on New Year’s Day. Check out our video below and click here to see almost 400 images from the event. Hi-resolution digital downloads are only $2.50 and affordable prints are also offered. Photos are...

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Flashback Friday – Washougal MX National 2013

July 21st, 2013 would mark an important footnote in the career of Pacific Northwest native Ryan Villopoto. It would be his first time to win the overall at Washougal, a track he knows well, in his home state of Washington. He would battle with Ryan Dungey throughout the day...

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